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Sanliurfa Overview

With our cheap flights to Sanliurfa fly to the spiritual centre of Turkey. The city radiates a spiritual ambiance and an atmosphere reminiscent of the Middle East. Take our cheap flights to Sanliurfa and visit the Edessa Mosaic Museum, a domed structure hosting the Aleppo Gardens. Take a trip to the ?anliurfa Archeology Museum, opened in 2014 that sprawls across three floors and hosts sculptures and art from Göbekli Tepe. Stroll through the Bazaar that caters to the most eclectic needs, with merchants selling goods ranging from sheepskin to handmade shoes, from pigeons to jeans. An area called the bedesten has the most stunning silk goods available. Make a trip to the Göbekli Tepe, the Neolithic megaliths which have been said to date back to 9500 BC were first discovered in 1995. Walk through and marvel at the Dergah, a complex of parks and mosques that surround the courtyard of Hazreti ?brahim Halilullah. Visit the historically appraised site of Gölba??, where a legend says that Prophet Ibrahim was being thrown into a fire for destroying pagan gods and the fire turned into a garden. So fly with us with our cheap flights to Sanliurfa and rest assured that your journey will be a comfortable one.

Top 7 things to do in Sanliurfa

5 facts about Sanliurfa


Sanl?urfa is frequently known as Urfa or Al-Ruha.


In ancient era, Sanl?urfa was a city with half a million inhabitants in south-eastern Turkey.


This city has basically Arabic, Kurdish and Turkmen residents.


The town is located on a plain a few kilometres east of the Euphrates River.


The climate of the city is very hot and dry in summers and cool and wet in winters.

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