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Sharm El Sheik Overview

Cheap flights to Sharm El Sheik
With cheap flights to Sharm el-Sheik, grab the opportunity to explore the beautiful city of Egypt with Dream World Travel. The city remains a major favorite one for diving lovers and one of the top cities for having tourist friendly environment. Whenever you plan a trip to Shaem el-Sheik, don’t forget to see the Ras Mohammed National Park which is a must one to see and the top one in the bucket list of tourists. Visit the Naama Bay which is sway away with the palm trees and has lovely restaurants and cafes grasping many visitors attention. Pay a visit to the Jolanda Reef which is the best one to have a great diving experience and lies to the Ras Mohammed Marine Park. Visit the  Ras Um Sid which is the famous beach of Sharm el-Sheik and you can have a lovely snorkeling experience here.to the North towards the Naama bay, see the Shark's Bay which has exotic five star resorts of the city and some great hotels. See the Jackson Reef and have yet another excellent diving experience along with many corals and reefs. So now with cheap flights to Sharm el-Sheik, have a trip around this beautiful and highly recommended tourist hotspot city of Egypt to explore the beauty and magnificence of Egypt like never before.

Top 7 things to do in Sharm El Sheik

4 facts about Sharm El Sheik


Sharm El-Sheikh is a fast growing city, attracting labours from all over Egypt and different parts of the European cities.


The total number of residents of this city is around 35000 only.


This place is known for many divers, hence you will find many diving gear shop.


Currently, the roads are linking Sharm El-Sheikh with the different metropolises of Sinai and the Nile Valley.

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