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Sivas Overview

With cheap flights to Sivas, visit the city of Turkey that remains a seat of the province of Sivas in Turkey. If you love to see Turkey from the inside then Sivas is the perfect city for you to explore the inner beauty of Turkey. The backstory of the town city dates back to ancient times of Romans, the city of Sivas seems to be one of those mountainous cities that range from higher peaks. Sivas was once known as a busiest commercial centre of Turkey, apart from its historical importance, the city also buzzes with numerous other activities including daily spas and some exuberant resorts. Sivas has been also popularly known for its carpet manufacturing and weaving of different colours. The divine architecture and art can be seen at Izzeddin Keykavus Sifahanesi. Book your cheap flights to Sivas and get to know the city that has many other interesting aspects than just being a commercial centre, some of the finest museums, art galleries and architectural important buildings can be found at Sivas. IF you wish to see the glimpse of Turkey all at once, then visit the beautiful and man reached city of Turkey by booking cheap flights to Sivas and get to know the beauty around Turkey like never before.

Top 7 things to do in Sivas

4 facts about Sivas


Sivas, a.k.a. Sebastea, is a city located in central Turkey.


This town lies at an altitude of 4,183 feet in the valley of the Kizil River.


The city comprises some of the optimum remains of 13th-century Seljuq construction.


The most ancient mosque is the Ulu Cami (Great Mosque), dating from the Turkmen time.

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