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St Lucia Overview

Avail our cheap flights to St Lucia and enjoy the luxurious and colourful beaches this Island promises. St Lucia has the best of both worlds, where Rodney Bay offers a gorgeous bay with modern comforts to relax and let go of your tensions and worries in, the Soufrière is rife with geologic wonders and old plantations and hidden beaches. Both are as contrasting to each other as they are complimentary.

The best time to take our cheap flights to St Lucia and explore the lovely island is between May and June. The temperature is moderate and wonderfully pleasant, making it easier to travel and explore. There are also some incredible festivals to partake in. Summer and late autumn see flair in activities but also clouds and hurricanes. So get cheap flights to St Lucia and ensure an enjoyable journey for yourself.

Top 6 things to do in St Lucia

6 facts about St Lucia


The capital and the largest city of St. Lucia is Castries.


Mt. Gimie is the highest point of St. Lucia.


St Lucia’s official languages are English and French Patois.


The national bird is the St.Lucia Parrot; it is a bird that is native only to the island.


The main exports of St Lucia are bananas, coconuts, clothing, cacao and vegetables.


The St. Lucia parrot is the national bird of St. Lucia.