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Stockholm Overview

Locals proudly call this city levande stad (living city). It is the largest city and capital of Sweden. Getting cheap flights to Stockholm does not only mean getting an opportunity to travel a tourist destination but also appreciate Scandinavia’s excellent education system. The education system is regarded as one of the best in the world which is why it attracts travellers, students, and business people. .

Going through Stockholm is very convenient since it provides excellent underground railway system: Tunnelbana and network of bicycle lanes. The city is proud to hold not just 3 UNESCO World Heritage sites (Woodland Cemetery, Birka and Drottningholm), but also a Royal Palace which is the largest palace in the world with 600 rooms and the Vasa Museum (the only place in the world which has a 17th Century authentic warship). One of the sought-after places in Stockholm is the Gamla Stan that serves as a living breathing museum! Apart from these, visitors can check out historical discoveries at The Museum of Mediterranean and Near Eastern Antiquities where they can find collections from Cyprus, Egypt, Greece, the Middle East and the Roman Empire.

Dream World Travel will help you get cheap airline tickets that let you see Stockholm’s landmarks of both ancient and contemporary contexts. After treading the ancient side of the city, it is time to experience contemporary locations like the Fotografiska, Artipelag and ABBA: The Museum. ABBA hosts both Swedish and international music artists’ performances. Whether you’re young or young at heart, you can have a grand time enjoying rides at Grona Lund's Amusement Park. Another thrilling attraction about this city is the new way you can absorb the panoramic view of the city via Sky view’s Ericsson Globe which is situated at 425 feet above the sea level where you can get the entire view of Stockholm.

Top 6 things to do in Stockholm

8 facts about Stockholm


Connected by 57 bridges, the capital of Sweden is built on 14 islands.


The Ericsson Globe is a Stockholm landmark and is the world’s largest spherical building


It has a Nobel Museum which is home to Nobel prizes in chemistry, physics, medicine and literature.


In 1710, about one-third of Stockholm’s population was obliterated by a plague.


Being one of the cleanest metropolises in the world due to lack of heavy industry, about 85% people earn livelihood through the service industry.


Because of the phenomenon of midnight sun during June, the city sees about 21 hours of daylight; it barely gets dark.


Famous discount furniture IKEA was found in Sweden


The floating fortress: Vasa warship sank less than a mile from leaving the dock.