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Tabriz Overview

Cheap flights to Tabriz

With our cheap flights to Tabriz visit a sprawling city with extreme weather and humble atmospheres, where the hum of the overflowing bazaars and helpful and kind souls guide you through the city and the most positively warm introduction to the Country of Iran. With our cheap flights to Tabriz, visit Tabriz Bazaar a millennium old UNESCO World Heritage site is a constant rush of activities as there are sections for Carpet sellers, herbal remedies, spices, natural perfumes and even gold.

Visit the Kabud Mosque which was constructed in 1465 and was meticulously covered with blue majolica tiles over the span of 25 years. Observe the artefacts as old as 3000 years and some of Ahad Hossein’s masterpieces depicting life and war in Azerbaijan Museum. Marvel at the 14th century landmark of Arg-e-Tabriz. Take a trip to the strikingly designed, architectural enigma of Poets’ Mausoleum with its modernist structure of interlocking arches best viewed from the reflecting pool. So avail our cheap flights to Tabriz and guarantee a stress free and comfortable journey for yourself, because your contentment is our commitment.

Top 6 things to do in Tabriz

5 facts about Tabriz


It is one of the Iran’s historical capitals.


It is named World’s Carpet and crafts city.


The city is the biggest metropolitan area and the biggest economic hub in North West of Iran.


It is a major industry hub for automobile, refineries and petrochemical, machine tools and cement production industries.


Tabriz is famous for its handicrafts including hand woven jewellery and rugs.

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