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Trabzon Overview

Cheap flights to Trabzon
Take our cheap flights to Trabzon and visit the busiest port of the Black Sea. Sophistication and all the hubbub of a seaside town are what make this city so uniquely appealing. Historic buildings like the now-mosque of Aya Sofya and Byzantine monastery blend with the contemporary sites of the busy main square, cafés and restaurants. With our cheap flights to Trabzon visit Aya Sofya Mosque & Museum built between 1238 and 1236, it was once a church until it was converted into a mosque after the Ottoman conquest in 1461. Gaze and marvel at the architectural complexity of the three story pristine white mansion, the Atatürk Mansion that has wonderful views and spectacular gardens. Take a trip to the Gülbahar Hatun Camii built by the great Ottoman conqueror of Syria and Egypt, Sultan Selim I the Grim. Stroll through the Bazaar District and browse through the local wares and bargain for the best prices for the best goods available. Visit the Trabzon Museum housed in the Kostaki Mansion that was built for a Russian merchant, it displays remarkably interesting ethnographic and Ottoman artefacts. So avail our cheap flights to Trabzon and guarantee a stress free and comfortable journey for yourself, because your convenience is our commitment.
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