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  • Privacy Policy

  • is providing you the Privacy Policy in order to validate our commitment to privacy.

Privacy Policy Privacy Policy validates tireless commitment to your privacy. The following information is gathered to let you know the importance of the data collection during your visit and what we intend to do with that information. This privacy policy is strictly applied to the information gathered on and by no other means. Make sure you go through the privacy policy and terms & conditions before you survey the site and make any purchase of our services.

  1. Data Protection of our esteemed clients

    Dream World Travel Pvt. Ltd. is always devoted to protecting your private information, and this privacy policy will explain why your data is collected, what information you will be asked to provide, what will be done with it, and where it will be shared. This privacy policy is subjected to timely updation due to the updation of General Data Protection Regulation Laws. Dream World Travel Pvt. Ltd. encourages its esteemed customers to check this privacy policy whenever they want to avail services, or even visit this website. (Last update: 18-9-2018)

  2. Why your data is collected?

    Dream World Travel does not collect your personal information except when you provide it to us directly for the requirement. For example, if you are signing up the weekly newsletter, you will be asked about your name, email and mailing address etc. We may also use this information for generating the statistics and marketing strategies.
    When you are making any purchase on our website, we will ask you only the essential data that is required to complete any transaction process. It will also be needed to appear in any claim, demand, or solve any post-prescribed request(s).
    When you have made a reservation with Dream World Travel Pvt. Ltd., you are asked to be subscribed to our newsletter which will provide you all the latest news, deals, offers, and information about new trends. However, you can always unsubscribe at any point and stop receiving useful updates.
    Providing your personal email I.D, but being unable to complete your reservation will result in Dream World Travel Pvt. Ltd. developing a contact with you in a personal style in order to help you and identify any query related to your trip. This is our way to take personal care of our esteemed clients, and if you are still interested in booking with us, we will work harder to improve the user experience.
    Our main objective of processing with this much precision is to treat each case with equal importance and care. Clients can also relax as their information will not be shared with any third party website, or any other customized advertisement on our website, or even on any social media platform.

  3. What information will you be asked to provide?

    When you surf our website or any other affiliate website associated with us and decide to make a reservation, you will need to provide the information essential to complete that transaction. This information will include your personal data such as your complete name, address, contact number, and email I.D. We may also require to collect the date of birth, along with passport details (occasional) of our customers in order to satisfy the Advanced Passenger Information (API) criteria for some traveling routes.
    We will collect your information related to payment, which will include credit and debit card details so that we can make all the necessary payments to complete our services. These transactions will be processed thoroughly from our fraud protection checks and will be removed instantly from our servers upon completion.
    We also gather information through cookies when our valuable customer uses our website so that they have an improved experience. Although cookies have a reputation of identifying a user personally, in most cases, we will not be able to ascertain anyone personally from any information. Read our cookie policy for more information.

  4. What will be done with your personal information?

    We require your personal information to run genuine transactions needed to complete your own business purchases. Following are our reasons to collect your personal details.

    • To supply our services which you have paid for.
    • Sending invoices, attachments, and any other important statement.
    • Collect our payments from you.
    • Develop a communiqué for your booking.
    • Answering all your inquiries and complaints.
    • Enhancing your browsing experience through personalization and communication.
    • Creating more relevancy by targeting and segmentation.
    • Developing a method to understand our clients more.
    • Displaying advertisements that are relevant to the customer’s interests.
    • Conducting feedback to determine how are our services rated.
    • Keeping our services, and all our platforms clean from any kind of fraud, scam, or deception.

    Our agents may also ask for your personal information and details so that they can follow up with your queries with calls and emails. It is completely for your enhanced experience and to solve any issue you are facing in your booking on our website, application, or from any other affiliated website.

  5. Email Address

    Dream World Travel may collect your email address for various reasons. For example, if you give us your email address to enable the email alert service and to send you emails periodically, we may send your email information to our associates and other sections of the company that we think is best to address your query or to provide you with relevant help. Don’t worry we will not use your email address or any such personal information for any other means. For any query regarding the change of your email address or email alerts, email us at
    We will always provide you with all the updates, offers and information about our services and deals. However, all these personal details will be stored securely on our servers. Your email I.D will never be passed on to any third party website, business, or individual. You can also unsubscribe from these emails anytime by simply clicking the unsubscribing link in the email.
    Please note that you will still receive calls, emails, or even text messages from us regarding your bookings and other services that you have acquired.

  6. Online Booking and where your personal information will be shared?

    When you have made a reservation with us, we need to share that information with the airline company, any accommodation place, or any other supplier that is involved in providing you the services. This information will include your full name, date of birth, passport information, nationality (for advanced passenger information purposes), contact details, and every other information that will be required by local laws. We can also share sensitive data with the supplier such as your medical info, any special requirement, and more; but only for your own convenience. Any information shared will only be relevant, and imperative to complete your booking.
    Dream World Travel Pvt. Ltd may also share your private information as required by law, with certain government institutions and organizations such as customs authorities, airport security, police, immigration office, or any other legal authority upon request.
    We use the services of third parties on our behalf so that we can easily monitor scams or cheatings. These third-party anti-scam service providers may have a little access to your personal details and information in order to complete the fraud scan. However, it will be completed for the purpose of your own safety and convenience.
    Your personal information is always safe and secure from any third party website, organization, and the individual who wants to market it or use it for their own purpose. We make sure that your trust is always secured in us.

  7. Security of your Personal Information

    When you submit your personal information, it means you are agreed with us to gather that information. Don’t worry; we will not use your personal information for any other means without your permission, we will only use the personal information you provided us to respond to your queries or as mentioned in the other sections of the privacy policy. If you do not agree with giving your personal information to us, please don’t provide us with it.
    All the information we have asked you to provide us is safely secured on our own servers. Their sole purpose is to help us help you find the best possible solution to your problem and your desired reservation. Your information will also be backed on our secondary servers as a backup.
    We take your personal information very seriously and do every possible measure to prevent any kind of loss, theft, misuse, or modification in it. The electronic transactions you will make or receive will all be protected by SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Encryption technology. But our clients must take note of the fact that all the data transmission on the internet is integrally insecure, so Dream World Travel Pvt Ltd cannot guarantee or take responsibility of the data security sent on the internet.
    When you plan to travel outside EEA (European Economic Area), the controls on data protection may not be as crucial as they are in this place. But avoiding to provide the necessary information may result in an incomplete booking, and you will not be permitted to fly to your destination.
    Our customer representative and care teams based at these locations outside of UK and EEA will only access your data when they need to connect your booking through secure systems and servers.
    Also, take note that Dream World Travel Pvt. Ltd. website may contain links to other websites. If you leave our platform, we have no control over the matter of your privacy and security. So you need to acquaint yourself first with those websites along with their privacy policies.

  8. What are your Data Rights?

    General Regulations (European Union) 2016/679, of 27th April 2016 on Data Protection states that user data rights should always be observed in any case. Following are the GDPR rights that will be given to you by us.

    • Right of access

      You have every right to settle that your private data is being processed, and you can always obtain a copy about the complete information of processing.

    • Right to rectification

      You have all the right to make amends, and clear all the errors in your personal data that I kept with us. If the information is inaccurate, we have to make sure that the correct information is processed.

    • Right to erasure

      You have all the right to overturn your personal data without any delay from our side in the case of illegal or short processing. You can also press this right if the purpose of the collection has gone missing.

    • Right to restriction

      You have all the right to ask for suspending any process if that is illegal or derisory.

    • Right to object

      You have all the right to object to any process related with personal data processing, if it is directly marketing to your personal state of affairs unless we can establish entrancing appropriate grounds to continue or procession, or the processing is vital to use or justify lawful claims.

    • Right not to be subject to the automated individual decision

      You have right not to be subject to any automated decision which is a resultant of the computerized individual decision. It can include profiling, where the legal effects are regarding you or affects you. Unless it is allowable by the Law or explicit from it.

    The rights to portability are not applicable in the line of this business due to the nature of our services and aim of collecting your personal data.
    If you want to make use of your rights, you can always send you to email to, or send your physical email at the following address:

  9. Information access and modification

    You can always modify the information we are holding on behalf of you. You just need to email us at about the information you want to be corrected, and we are going to update it.
    You can also email us at if you want us to forget you as a customer, or a user. In this case, we are bound to delete your private information. In order to find out later if we are holding on to any information about you, and the purpose of its withholding, you can email us at
    You can always write to us at for an alternative.
    We don’t process any of the above-mentioned data requests by any means of communication.

  10. Logging

    All logs and action are recorded on our server for Management system purposes. For example, tracking your activities with the sites.
    For development reasons, we check where people are mostly visiting and the usefulness of campaigns. This activity of tracking will catch the IP address of your pages and personal computers when you visit our site. We don’t pass your personal data to third parties; we only use your personal data for finding our faults and errors.

  11. Make a complaint or ask us a question

    If you want to ask any question related to our privacy policy or data collection, you can always contact us by emailing at

  12. How long we keep user's data

    Your data will be kept for the required time under UK tax law to keep users basic personal data (name, address, contact details) for the period required by law and after which time it will be destroyed. Users information we use for marketing purposes will be kept with us until the user notify us that the user no longer wishes to receive this information.